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Bumpy road to ballot box continues for Florida felons

The Supreme Court is not going to take the lead in figuring out whether all Florida felons will be able to vote this year. The justices decided not to intervene, so felons who owe the government money will be in limbo for the August primary and probably the November general election. And pressure is mounting for Iowa's governor, who claimed she would sign an executive order restoring felon voting rights by Nov. 3. But she hasn't done that yet, and she's hearing about it.

Teens might not be able to drink or vote, but they can sign up to be poll workers in most of the country. And there are some hopes that the kids will take on the brunt of the burden this fall, since older folks (who usually make up the majority of poll workers) are at the biggest risk during the pandemic.

It's official: Maine will be the first state to use ranked-choice voting for a presidential election. State Republicans claimed they had enough signatures to get a referendum on the ballot — it would've stopped the state from using RCV this fall — but it turns out that wasn't true.

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New Hampshirites don't have to worry about an excuse to vote by mail in November — but that won't last. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed a bill that would've extended the change permanently.

Another set of uncounted ballots was found, this time in upstate New York. This comes not long after a box of unopened ballots showed up after an election in a small Massachusetts town. And, a Republican congressman from Kansas was charged with three felonies after casting a ballot for a race he wasn't legally allowed to vote in.

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