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Election Dissection: Drop boxes, voter registration and poll workers

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The ironic California drop box controversy

There's a double irony in California's ballot drop box controversy, where the state Republican Party has placed private ballot collection boxes in several counties, writes Steven Huefner.

Voter registration deadlines — it's complicated

Arizona just extended its voter registration deadline to Oct. 23. This should give voters more time to sign up, but it also raises a host of issues for election administrators. And there may be complications on Election Day if too many voters register at the new deadline, according to Tammy Patrick.

Hundreds of key counties need more poll workers

The Voter Protection Corps released new, actionable, data-informed information in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University about where the risks of long lines are the greatest, and where the most work needs to be done over the next four weeks to recruit poll workers, writes Quentin Palfrey

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