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Election Dissection: Election chaos, disinformation and voter suppression

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How the rest of the world avoided Covid election chaos

We're not the only country holding elections during Covid-19. But a look at what has happened elsewhere presents a dramatic contrast with the United States, where public-health decisions became a partisan legal conflict, writes Kevin Johnson of the Election Reformers Network.

Disinformation: Remain calm and do not spread

As tempting as it may be to retweet and rave about disinformation, that can be counterproductive. By publicly calling out false claims, we risk elevating the disinformation — and unintentionally spreading it. Instead, Quentin Palfrey of the Voter Protection Corps offers four concrete steps that the public, election officials, social media platforms and the media can take to combat disinformation.

Why long lines in early voting may signal voter suppression

While it's undeniable that states across the country are experiencing record voter turnout in this year's election, we shouldn't ignore the intentional actions taken to suppress the vote. This is a key reason why Black and Latino voters are still waiting in hours-long lines, writes Gilda Daniels of the Advancement Project.

The coming Supreme Court showdown that may affect how you vote

There is a collision of two tectonic plates occurring in the world of election law, and it is causing an earthquake in federal jurisprudence on absentee voting, according to Edward B. Foley of The Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law.

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