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Election Dissection: Protests, ballot curing and election security

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Why street protests may not be the best strategy to protect the election

Protesting organizations are probably not wrong to assume that Trump will stop at nothing to win. But there's a lot less that he can do here than in the autocracies that are often invoked, writes Kevin Johnson.

Unfinished election business: how to track and cure your ballot

While voting is complete, some voters now need to take additional steps to ensure their ballots count, especially if they voted by mail or were forced to use a provisional ballot. Gilda Daniels explains how the process works.

Something to celebrate: a safe election, so far

Election Day passed with remarkably little drama and violence, but we shouldn't let our guard down, writes Rachel Kleinfeld.

What worked: strategies to mitigate foreign election interference

David Levin discusses the successful efforts to prevent foreign interference in the 2020 election.

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