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Election Dissection: Voter intimidation, youth voting and ballot deadlines

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Education and outreach can beat voter intimidation

Election officials are empowered to protect voters and maintain peace and safety at their polling locations. They are among the most trusted sources of government information and can prevent potential trouble or defusing conflicts once they begin, writes Trevor Potter.

Opaque felony voter laws another young-voter hurdle

Confusing voting laws for felons hurt young voters disproportionately, because they're more likely to be arrested. The effect is even worse for Black, Latino and Native American youth. New Tufts University research examines the impact on youth voting, write Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg and Alberto Medina.

In Pennsylvania, Supreme Court punts on constitutional issues. For now.

The Supreme Court's decision on mail-in ballot deadlines in Pennsylvania could have a significant impact on the election. But that might not be the last word from the high court, writes Steven Huefner.

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