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Grab your pens and get ready. You may well be voting from home.

In case you forgot, it's Saturday. It's also day 14 of staying at home for millions of us, with at least three more weeks to go for almost all of us. There has been a lot happening around the country to help figure out what the rest of this year's election timetable will look like thanks to the coronavirus. A quick look at the highlights:

  1. Congress passed a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package that includes $400 million to make voting safer — but the bill says nothing about how that money is supposed to be spent. Democrats say they'll be back for more, because $2 billion is needed to boost vote-at-home, early voting and online registration nationwide.
  2. A pair of Florida poll workers tested positive for Covid-19, just a little over a week after the state's primaries. The state says the workers only came in contact with about 300 voters — but it's unclear how worried they should be.
  3. Speaking of worried voters, a few states — including Georgia and Nevada — are helping all voters get absentee ballots so that no one has to come to the polls in person.

Public access to the government has been limited across the country — from California to North Carolina. City and state officials are trying to keep folks from gathering in large groups, but in the process, some citizens are losing access to meetings they were previously entitled to attend.

Some non-coronavirus news:

—Tristiaña Hinton

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