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The State of Reform
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Join our next webinar: Diversity in the Democracy Reform Movement

As protests sweep the country in response to continued police violence against Black people, many democracy reform leaders say that achieving racial justice and fixing our broken political system are two sides of the same coin.

Amendments to the Constitution have been rooted in protecting the rights of citizens and making the system more accessible to those who had been excluded, including Black and Native Americans and women. Democracy reform has, from its inception, been about bringing about allowing all Americans to have a viable voice in our government.

The Fulcrum is bringing together reform leaders on July 16 to talk about the importance of leaning into the diversity of the movement and how the foundations of democracy reform are built on social justice and civil rights.

The Fulcrum's audience development editor, Tristiaña Hinton, will moderate a discussion with:
• Gilda Daniels, litigation director at the Advancement Project
• Jacqueline De Léon, staff attorney for the Native American Rights Fund

Date: Thursday, July 16, 2020

Time: Noon - 1 pm (Eastern)

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