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Maybe don’t shelve those vote-by-mail concerns

The weekend newsletter is a little early because of the Fourth of July.

Not everyone trusts mail-in voting. And there were a few instances that recently came to light that highlight why folks might want to proceed with caution.

In Florida, more than 18,000 ballots didn't get counted during the presidential primary — most belonging to young, first-time and Black voters. In suburban Massachusetts, 202 uncounted mail-in ballots were found after a local election seemingly decided by just 98 votes. A little further south in New Jersey, election officials threw out almost 20 percent of absentee ballots.

Despite some people's understandable trust issues, though, more Republican leaders are getting on board with voting by mail during the pandemic. President Trump isn't one of them, though. In fact, his campaign sued Pennsylvania earlier this week to prevent loosened absentee ballot rules for November.

The drama around Florida felon's voting rights continues because following the will of the people seems to be a problem. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis asked for — and was granted — a stay on the trial judge's decision that the state's "pay-to-vote system" was unconstitutional. In California, though, voters will decide in November if parolees should have their voting rights restored.

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May our "unalienable rights" be available to everyone this weekend.

— Tristiaña Hinton

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