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The State of Reform
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Op-eds of the week: Gen Z wish list, ​U.S. unity and  D.C.'s football team

Our weekly op-ed highlight reel

News is the heart of what we're about. But The Fulcrum is also a forum for debate about what's ailing American democracy and what could make the system healthier. So here are the most provocative opinion pieces we've posted this week.

An invitation to Gen Z: Describe your wish for America.

"Young people have always driven change; after all, we have to live the longest with the outcomes of the decisions happening now," writes Thanasi Dilos, recent high school grad and co-founder of Civics Unplugged.

A call to find a new rhetoric for a humble civil religion

"Our politics has become, in popular parlance, tribal. The challenge is finding a rhetoric that binds us together," writes Peter Loge of George Washington University.

How to rename D.C.'s football team and help fix democracy, too

Wondering what Washington's NFL team should change its name to? Michael Golden, author of "Unlock Congress" and a senior fellow at the Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy, has an idea.

Meanwhile, here are our latest news stories:

Local officials push Iowa governor to fulfill felon voting rights vow

GOP elections boss frustrated as Mississippi stands firm against vote-by-mail

Meet the reformer: Willis Johnson, melder of theology, racial justice and democracy

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