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Op-eds of the week: Young protests, federalism, Oregon lessons

Our weekly op-ed highlight reel

News is the heart of what we're about. But The Fulcrum is also a forum for debate about what's ailing American democracy and what could make the system healthier. So here are the most provocative opinion pieces we've posted this week.

Youth protesting racism are the civic educators the nation needs

"Young people participating in protests are not uninformed civic participants. Instead, we should see them as innovators within a deeply American civic tradition, calling the country to actualize its potential as an equitable democracy and to undo its ingrained practices of structural racism," writes Andrew Wilkes of Generation Citizen.

Who's in charge of lifting lockdowns?

"Who's running the show? It depends," writes David Swindell of Arizona State University.

Lessons from the first vote-by-mail state

"There are many issues that divide Americans, but when it comes to a public health crisis and our right to vote, we should leave the partisan politics behind," argues Kate Titus, executive director of the Oregon office of Common Cause.

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Meanwhile, here are our latest news stories:

Unfettered voting by mail in Texas stopped by federal appeals court

Mail voting must be open to all Tennesseans during Covid, judge rules

Meet the reformer: Christina Harvey, progressive pushing to spend on healthier and easier voting

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