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Op-eds of the week: Voter apathy, voting locations and political values

Our weekly op-ed highlight reel

News is the heart of what we're about. But The Fulcrum is also a forum for debate about what's ailing American democracy and what could make the system healthier. So here are the most provocative opinion pieces we've posted this week.

From apathy to agency: How to reframe elections for new voters

Young people don't vote because they lack agency, not because they are apathetic, writes Stanford University's Lisa Kay Solomon, who created the civic engagement program Vote by Design.

Why not allow us to use whatever polling place we find most convenient?

Thanks to modern software, the internet and high-speed printers, we have the technology the allow voters to cast their ballots wherever it is most convenient, expanding democracy and easing election administration, according to the Andrew Goodman Foundation's Evan Malbrough.

The media needs to do better explaining differing political values

Within American society there is room for basic disagreement over basic values like freedom and justice, but the media has not done a good job explaining the differences, writes former congressional candidate Dave Anderson.

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