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Our weekly bulletin board

Our weekly bulletin board

Here are the highlights of what fix-the-system groups are planning for the coming week — and other events important to the cause of reforming democracy.

Monday, November 30

Mythbusting Squad Training, 7 pm Eastern

The RepresentUs Mythbusting team will train people on how to get started debunking false and misleading claims about the election at the source.

Tuesday, December 1

'Congress Overwhelmed': A book event with Kevin R. Kosar, Lee Drutman, and Timothy M. LaPira, 1 pm Eastern

Join the American Enterprise Institute Please for a panel discussion with the editors of "Congress Overwhelmed: The Decline in Congressional Capacity and Prospects for Reform" as they consider how Congress can reclaim its vigor.

The Future of American Elections: Ranked Choice Voting Won Big, 2 pm Eastern

FairVote senior policy coordinator Pedro Hernandez will interview leaders from the successful voting reform campaigns in Alaska and Eureka, Calif.

Hamilton Winter Ball, 7 pm Eastern

VoteRiders and their Hamilton Ambassadors will lead a letter-writing party to deliver voter ID information and assistance to Georgians in advance of the Senate runoff elections.

Wednesday, December 2

Convention Planning Meeting, 8 pm Eastern

Help The People design an event that will empower people across the country and political spectrum to work together and change the system.

Thursday, December 3

Hearing: Ensuring the 2020 Census Count is Complete and Accurate, 10 am Eastern

The House Oversight and Reform Committee will hold a hearing on delayed delivery of census data as well as claims the Commerce Department is withholding information from Congress and the Supreme Court.

National Phonebank to Fight Corruption Around the U.S., 12 pm Eastern

Join the RepresentUs Call Team in activating the movement through phonebanks, turning people out to events, connecting them to their representatives, and encouraging them to volunteer for local campaigns.

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Becoming A Democracy: How We Can Fix the Electoral College, Gerrymandering, and Our Elections, 6 pm Pacific

Fix Democracy First is hosting a release event for Kristin Eberhard's new book, which offers 10 ideas for making our elections free, fair and secure.

Friday, December 4

Eastpointe Documentary World Premiere, 1 pm Pacific

Join More Equitable Democracy and Campaign Legal Center for the world premiere of "Eastpointe," a documentary about the historic use of proportional representation as a remedy to a voting rights lawsuit in Michigan.

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