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What our cell phones reveal about racial disparity in wait times at the polls


What our cell phones reveal about racial disparity in wait times at the polls

People living in African-American neighborhoods had to wait substantially longer to cast their ballots in the last presidential election than those in white neighborhoods, researchers say.

Their work joins the expanding body of evidence that members of minority groups face frequent and diverse obstacles to voting. But what makes this study particularly interesting is the high-tech way researchers reached the conclusion – by using geo-located data from cell phones.

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RBG says closing Electoral College 'more theoretical than real'

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an icon of progressive democracy reformers, is throwing cold water one of their most ambitious wishes: Shuttering the Electoral College and electing presidents by national popular vote.

"It's largely a dream because our Constitution is … hard to amend," she told an audience Monday at the University of Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. "I know that from experience."

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Democrats preparing for GOP gerrymandering in Florida

Democrats in Tallahassee are worried their Republican counterparts in the legislature will return to their partisan gerrymandering ways at their next opportunity, now that the Florida Supreme Court majority has shifted this year to conservative from liberal.

But GOP lawmakers told the Orlando Sentinel they do not have designs on drawing districts for the coming decade that are aggressively shaped to perpetuate their political strength.

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Three reasons Republicans should support the 28th Amendment

The so-called 28th Amendment would overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. American Promise board chairman John Wass lists three reasons Republicans should want that to happen.


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