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Until everyone is given liberty, the system won’t be fixed

As protests continue across the country following the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, many in the democracy reform community rallied around the idea that until black people and other folks of color are given justice in this country, our system will always need fixing.

Read this opinion piece about how kids protesting racial injustice are the civic educators the country needs.

For anyone not paying attention, a new report detailed 29 obstacles that face Native Americans when trying to exercise their right to vote. It talks about everything from language barriers to limited IDs.

Tuesday was a big primary day across the country — and the first real test of what switching to majority vote-by-mail elections could look like in the fall. And if this week was any indication, there might be some trouble afoot.

Speaking of vote by mail, California's governor switched up his voting orders to make sure there are in person options for folks who will need them, like the homeless and disabled. Meanwhile in Texas, you still can't use the coronavirus as an excuse to vote absentee — and the decision has now been upheld by a federal appeals court and the state Supreme Court. But over in Tennessee, a state judge decided that wasn't going to fly and mail in voting has to be open to everyone during the pandemic.

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Black lives matter.

— Tristiaña Hinton

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