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Jan. 5, 2020
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

End Gerrymandering! 2020 Kickoff and Planning

Organizer: Bronx/Westchester Sister District Project

Join us as we kickoff our *fourth!* season of supporting phenomenal candidates in strategic, winnable state legislatives across the country. Since 2017, our team has helped to flip or hold 5 seats, and came within 74 votes of flipping a 6th! We'll start with a celebration of our most recent victories with light refreshments (and a toast!) before diving into a lively discussion of our 2020 priorities and opportunities to make a meaningful impact in this critical year by nesting our federal electoral work within these vital state-level races.

2020's elections will be the most consequential for years to come. In addition to holding the House and winning back the Senate and White House, Democrats must also win back seats in the state legislatures in a few critical states. The winners of the state legislative races in those states will draw Congressional maps in 2021. The only way out of the mess we are in is to rebuild our government from the bottom up. See you there!

Location: Provided after RSVP