Oct. 24-27, 2019

NCSL Redistricting Seminar: Columbus

Organizer: National Conference of State Legislators

Columbus, Ohio, will host the second of NCSL's five Getting Ready to Redistrict: Seminars for Practitioners and Others. If you are a legislator, legislative staffer, a commissioner, a commission staffer, an outside advocate or just an interested member of the public, these seminars are for you. In 2 1/2 days, NCSL will deliver knowledge and practical instruction that you can customize for your state and your role in the process. Expect answers to:

  • What's the legal landscape for redistricting?
  • What technology is available for redistricting?
  • What data are useful to use for redistricting?
  • How do states balance various principles and priorities when they redistrict?
  • How do you involve the public in the process?
Location: Columbus, OH
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