Oct. 15, 2020
3:00 PM (Eastern)

Nonprofit Staff Vote! Time off and other engagement strategies

Organizer: Nonprofit VOTE

Around 12.3 million people in the United States are employed by nonprofits! Yet many eligible voters working for our organizations miss elections because they aren't registered or don't have a plan to vote. This year we launched Nonprofit Staff Vote, a joint campaign that aims to encourage nonprofit employers to offer employees paid time off to vote on or before Election Day.

Even if your organization can't give staff time off to vote (but also if you can) there are plenty of strategies you can use to engage staff in voting and elections. From "doorknocking" (probably over Google hangouts for those of us still working from home) for voter registrations to staff wide emails reminding people of important election dates, every organization can make civic participation a part of their culture this 2020. Our speakers from United Way Worldwide and Feeding America will share their creative ways for encouraging and supporting a #VoteReady staff.

Location: Webinar

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