July 8, 2020
2:00 PM (Eastern)

Open Primaries Virtual Discussion With Alaskans for Better Elections

Organizer:Open Primaries

A change is brewing in the land of the midnight sun. This November, Alaskans will decide whether to adopt ranked-choice voting, open nonpartisan primaries, and tough new rules on campaign finance disclosure. Join us to hear from Alaskans for Better Elections campaign manager Shea Siegert, campaign counsel and former chief of staff to Governor Walker Scott Kendall, and former independent state Representative and campaign co-chair Jason Grenn. They will be discussing this exciting effort and answering your questions.

For 50 years, Alaska had a blanket open primary where all voters could vote for who they wanted in every election. When the blanket open primary was ruled unconstitutional, California and Washington adopted the nonpartisan primary. Now Alaskans will have the opportunity to join them. As the state with the largest percentage of registered independent voters in the nation-57% of Alaskans are independent- the impact of these reforms could be substantial.

Location: Webinar

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