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June 18, 2020
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Eastern)

The Fall Elections: Voter Access, Safety and Security

Organizer: Reclaim Our Democracy

The Reclaim Our Democracy group at First Parish in Concord and Concord Indivisible invite you to attend an online conversation with our U.S. Representative Lori Trahan.

In the midst of a pandemic, recent primary elections in Wisconsin, Georgia and elsewhere have been fraught with problems: closed polling places, long lines, broken voting machines, delayed absentee ballots, and removal of voters' names from voting lists. We must address these issues before the fall elections. Voting by mail and voting in person, must be available and accessible to all citizens in every state. Rep. Trahan will review what Congress has done, what remains to be done, and how we can help.

Location: Webinar