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Podcast: RCV in NYC with FairVote CEO Rob Richie

In this edition of How to Win Friends and Save the Republic from the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers, Rob Richie, CEO of FairVote, discusses his organization, where he finds his passion for democracy reform, and how Ranked Choice Voting faired in the Democratic primary for the New York City mayor's race.

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News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Video: EVERYDAY HEROES - Bill Doherty

What happened when Trump voters and Clinton voters got together to discuss across political divides?

Bill Doherty is the co-founder of Braver Angels, which runs workshops, debates, and other events where "red" and "blue" participants attempt to better understand one another's positions and discover their shared values.

Doherty is a professor at the University of Minnesota and a practicing marriage and family therapist. He plays a unique role in the bridge-building community when it comes to healing political divisions.

In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Bill talks about creating the first Braver Angels workshop, which now has scaled to more than 1,000 workshops and tens of thousands of participants nationwide. As a companion series to The Reunited States, an acclaimed feature documentary, Everyday Heroes profiles civic pioneers across the USA who are creating novel solutions to polarization.

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Across Talk Ep.5: Selene Swanson and Deliberative Democracy

Video: Across Talk - Selene Swanson and Deliberative Democracy

Across Talk is a new monthly video series hosted by Lincoln Zaleski, a disinformation specialist at Renew America Together. In the latest episode, Lincoln chats with Selene Swanson, a Research Fellow at the Project on International Peace and Security. Selene describes her research regarding combating social polarization in the U.S. through deliberative democratic forums.

Renew America Together is a 501 (c)(3) organization designed to promote and achieve greater common ground in America by reducing partisan division and gridlock. Its mission is to revitalize public and political discourse by teaching and promoting civics, citizenship and civility.