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National Phonebank to Pass the For the People Act

Organizer: RepresentUs

Our elections are broken, Congress is stymied by partisan gridlock, and attacks on the foundation of democracy have been chipping away at the public's trust in our most sacred institutions. If there has ever been a time for sweeping anti-corruption reform, it's right now.

The Senate has announced that its first piece of legislation will be the For the People Act — the most comprehensive anti-corruption reform since Watergate. As part of our national campaign to Put Democracy First, we're connecting RepresentUs members across the country to Congress, to demand that they pass the For the People Act.

We're calling RepresentUs members and bringing them to action to fight corruption.

Location: Virtual

News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Probing the Electorate: What do Republicans think should be done?

Organizer: R Street Institute

The 2020 election led to claims that the result was rigged and littered with vote fraud. What do the voters truly think? Extensive new polling conducted by the R Street Institute takes a deep dive into the Republican electorate, with a particular emphasis on six swing states. The poll provides significant insight on issues ranging from mail-in voting and drop boxes to nonpartisan redistricting and campaign finance reform.

Join us as Jonathan Bydlak, head of R Street's Governance program, sits down with pollster Ryan Tyson to shed light on the findings, as well as Steven Greenhut, senior fellow and lead author of R Street's new paper, "The Case Against Restricting Voting Access."

Location: Webinar

Deep Dive into Money in Politics

Organizer: American Promise North Texas

$14 Billion was spent on federal races in 2020, the most expensive election in history. Most of that money came from big donors, whose contributions to super PACs are "speech" that can't be regulated. Learn why we need a constitutional amendment to fix big money's grip on our political system and how you can help build support for it in North Texas.

Location: Webinar