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Ross Marchand takes issue with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who claims that lawmakers cannot afford two homes on their $174,000 annual salary when the median household income in D.C. is half that amount.

It makes no sense to give lawmakers more cents

Marchand is the director of policy for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

"We want a raise!" is a sentiment that many can relate to ... up to a point. Even though congressional salaries have been frozen for a decade (at $174,000 a year plus generous benefits), taxpayers across the country are understandably outraged that members of Congress are trying to vote themselves a raise. The issue appears to have been shelved for the time being, but will surely be back on the agenda sooner rather than later.

Some supporters of a pay hike argue that even higher compensation would attract better talent and deter members of Congress from pursuing lucrative lobbying jobs at the end of their tenure. In reality, America is stuck with the same jokers whether their salaries are set at $1 or $1,000,000. The best that taxpayers can do is hold members of Congress accountable for their reckless spending. The best Congress can do is to actually do something to prove they have earned the raise.

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News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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