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"If we want to recognize the full promise and potential of American democracy, then we must continue working on the principles of National Voter Registration Day," writes Sayu Bhojwani.

National Voter Registration Day was one step to reclaiming our democracy

Bhojwani is the founder and president of New American Leaders, a nonpartisan organization promoting political participation by first and second generation Americans.

In an era when rampant voter suppression, partisan gerrymandering and electoral corruption threaten our democracy, Tuesday's National Voter Registration Day offered an important call to action.

To protect our democracy from further erosion we will need to take back the White House and remove bad actors from office in 2020. A new math offers a path to those victories and it includes first-generation and second-generation immigrant voters — or "New Americans." They hold the key to swinging this election if they're inspired to vote in large numbers. National Voter Registration Day focused us on ensuring that all Americans who are eligible to vote have the opportunity to do so.

First, it reminded us that we need to level the playing field by bringing voter education and mobilization directly to the doorsteps of these communities. The bureaucracy of the voter registration process can be especially difficult for new Americans to navigate. Every year, millions are unable to vote because they miss registration deadlines, don't update their registration or aren't sure how to register. Real investment is required to educate and mobilize New American voters. In 2018, Georgia had record-breaking turnout because of efforts by groups like New Georgia Project to leave no voter behind. Among Latinos, for example, voter turnout more than doubled.

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