April 6, 2020
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (Eastern)

Lessons Learned: Voting During COVID-19

Organizers:Convergence and Consensus Building Institute

Convergence and CBI invite you to join this upcoming webinar where we'll hear from Brian Corley as a county leader who just conducted Florida's primary election days ago amid the outbreak as well as Barb Byrum, County Clerk of Ingham County in Michigan, where she oversees elections. We'll have Brian and Barb address questions like:

  • What did turnout look like for your primary relative to past cycles?
  • How did vote by mail or other methods besides in-person voting get ramped up and utilized by more voters?
  • How were the in-person polling locations managed effectively for safety amid the pandemic?
  • Lessons and takeaways for November? We know states fall on a spectrum with some having robust no-excuse absentee voting operations in place and others having very limited current capacity for absentee or mail voting options.
  • What are the larger considerations to wrestle with beyond just the mechanics of standing up vote by mail and no-excuse absentee voting to make sure the election occurs successfully? How can we address public education and confidence knowing many people still vote in person early or on Election Day and may be learning about how these processes work for the first time? What are the funding challenges?
  • What populations in particular might face challenges to voting if processes change and how can we make sure they get the best possible information?
Location: Webinar
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