April 23, 2020
1:30 PM (Eastern)

Strengthening our Democracy: A Smart Way to Create a Positive Rate of Return

Organizer: Business for America

Angel investors are accustomed to taking risks. The COVID-19 crisis presents an unprecedented risk to our portfolio's and to the stability of our democracy. Our public health crisis is highlighting the fragile nature of both our political, as well as our public health system. Both are in need of reforms in order to create a more resilient economy and society. Join us for a important conversation about the role angel investors can play in supporting non-partisan political reforms such as rank choice voting, open primaries, vote by mail, campaign finance and election security. These reforms all contribute to a more competitive and stable economy which is less polarized and less risky to do business within. Learn how to help to strengthen our democracy, while reducing your investment risk.

Organizer: Webinar

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