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The State of Reform
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Business for America

Business for America is an alliance of business leaders with a vision of healthy representative democracy and government that work for all Americans. We're advancing public policy and technology solutions to improve government from end to end: how we run elections, how laws are made, and how those laws are implemented. Our mission is to make government efficient, effective, and accountable in order to establish a more competitive, innovative business climate in America.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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The Postal Service is not a for-profit business. It's purpose is to connect Americans in every corner of the country, according to Bonk and Kase.

Pairing the business case with the civics case for a USPS rescue

Bonk is founder and CEO of Business for America, a nonprofit that seeks to mobilize corporate advocacy for democracy reform. Kase is CEO of the League of Women Voters and a board member of the Democracy Initiative, a coalition of 75 progressive groups advocating for democracy reform.
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VoteSafe Businesses for Election Funding

Organizer: Business for America

Over 200 American businesses representing over $83B in annual revenue and 18 local business organizations have signed a business letter to Congress asking them to ensure that states have the resources necessary to protect voters and elections.

Please join us to hear from corporate leaders about why they care about the election and want to ensure that states have the necessary resources to ensure that voting in the 2020 election is safe, the results are accurate, and every voter has a voice.

Submit your questions to

Location: Webinar

Civic Engagement Series: The Importance of Elections

Organizer: GSBA

The pandemic has highlighted vulnerabilities in our elections systems across the county, many of which existed long before 2020. Washington State's vote-by-mail system provides safe access and higher participation, while voters in other states wait in line and struggle to keep a healthy distance. What can be done here in Washington, as well as nationally, to improve the accessibility, security, and trustworthiness of our elections? What role can businesses play in supporting access to democracy? What would it take to help create a democracy that looks more like the people it serves? Join the discussion with GSBA, Business for America, More Equitable Democracy, and the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

Location: Webinar

Time to Vote: New Hampshire & Vermont Businesses Boost Voter Participation

Organizer: Business for America

Voting is an essential right of all Americans and critical to the well-functioning of our democracy. However, many employees find themselves having to choose between voting and earning a paycheck. The Time to Vote project is mobilizing businesses to help more Americans to vote in November 2020, while also contributing to a national culture shift needed to increase civic health. As a business leader, you can help!

Location: Webinar

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