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David L. Nevins argues, "It is time for the vision of Jefferson and the Framers to be realized."

Leadership must evolve or we will remain in crisis

Nevins is a co-founder of the Bridge Alliance, a coalition of 100 organizations seeking to strengthen democracy. (Disclosure: The Bridge Alliance Education Fund is a funder of The Fulcrum.)

We are less than a year away from the next presidential election and the dysfunction will surely be as great, or greater, than it has been in the past. Does anyone really believe any of the candidates will solve our problems? Unlikely.

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We can and must embrace our diversity as the operating system of our nation, write the leaders of the Bridge Alliance.

Diverse people must be in every room where decisions are made

Molineaux and Nevins are co-founders of the Bridge Alliance, a coalition of 100 democracy strengthening organizations. (Disclosure: The Bridge Alliance Education Fund is a funder of The Fulcrum.)

As we look to history, it has always been the mystics and scientists, innovators and outliers who saw the future most clearly and acted to push — or call — society forward, to awaken from our slumber of the way things are and envision a better future. The stories of their personal transformation inspire us to be better individually and collectively. With this inspiration, we can and must transform our nation into a more perfect union.

As co-founders of the Bridge Alliance, we are inspired and challenged by the problems facing our country. Our 100 member organizations work daily to protect the ideals of our American Dream so we can create healthy self-governance that has never fully existed before. Our members work to harness the tension of our differences as we enact our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, balancing individual and community needs.

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