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Jimmy Carter has led election monitoring efforts all around the world, including Sudan in 2010 — but never in the United States until now.

Carter Center details its first oversight of an American election

CLARIFICATION: The headline and story were updated Oct. 18 to more accurately reflect the group's plans.

The Carter Center, which Jimmy Carter started after his presidency in part to assure fair elections in the developing world, is making explicit its plan for watchdogging an American contest for the first time.

The organization has unveiled one video explaining the basics of voting rights and balloting logistics, and another video encouraging patience if the presidential result is not known soon after the voting stops in 19 days because millions of mailed ballots will still need to be counted. It's working to help states and counties nationwide improve voter education and election transparency. And it's finalizing arrangements for "targeted observation efforts" mainly in Georgia, where the center is headquartered and which has a history of voter suppression and controversy over results tabulation.

The details underscore the degree of concern by human rights organizations about the adequacy of months of preparation for a safe and comprehensive Election Day that yields trustworthy results.

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