Dec. 10, 2019
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM (Eastern)

Training: A Holiday Recipe for Talking Politics with Family

Organizer: Living Room Conversations

Join us for an hour-long training with tips from the staff at Living Room Conversations about how (and when) to talk politics with family over the holidays while preserving your relationships. Many have asked us for this before, so based on our Friends and Family Tip Sheet we published last year, we're making this our staff's holiday gift to you this year! We'll cover why family (and close friends) may be harder to talk with than those you typically meet in a Living Room Conversation, as well as:

  • When to engage (and not engage) with people
  • Setting the stage (or table) for a good conversation
  • Asking questions, listening and learning
  • Showing respect
  • Managing your emotions
Location: Webinar
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