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Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversations are a conversational bridge across issues that divide and separate us. They provide an easy structure for engaging in friendly yet meaningful conversation with those with whom we may not agree. These conversations increase understanding, reveal common ground, and sometimes even allow us to discuss possible solutions. No fancy event or skilled facilitator is needed.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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2020 Election – Concerns and Aspirations

Organizer: Living Room Conversations

As campaigning begins for the 2020 election, countless voices clamor for our attention, our donations, our time, and our votes. Headlines, news broadcasts, and social media present conflicting reports on guns, immigration, border security, abortion, climate, healthcare, and other pressing matters – often using facts selected to bolster specific views. Shrill ads overwhelm our senses and seem designed to promote rage rather than reflection. It can be difficult to stay open-minded to new learning or understand the perspectives of those we disagree with. This conversation is an opportunity to share and reflect on our perspectives with others; cutting through the noise to seek a more productive exchange about our different values and hopes for the future.

Location: Virtual

United or Divided?

Organizer: Living Room Conversations

Political and philosophical differences are normal in a healthy and free society. No citizen should be expected to violate his or her own conscience or compromise sacred principles. But the common values we share, and our shared desire to solve common problems, should also enable us to make reasonable and principled compromises for our mutual well-being. In some instances, the Left and the Right fundamentally agree, yet the system somehow keeps us from working together.

Here is the conversation guide. Please pay particular attention to the questions in Round 2.

Location: Virtual

Training: A Holiday Recipe for Talking Politics with Family

Organizer: Living Room Conversations

Join us for an hour-long training with tips from the staff at Living Room Conversations about how (and when) to talk politics with family over the holidays while preserving your relationships. Many have asked us for this before, so based on our Friends and Family Tip Sheet we published last year, we're making this our staff's holiday gift to you this year! We'll cover why family (and close friends) may be harder to talk with than those you typically meet in a Living Room Conversation, as well as:

  • When to engage (and not engage) with people
  • Setting the stage (or table) for a good conversation
  • Asking questions, listening and learning
  • Showing respect
  • Managing your emotions
Location: Webinar

Ten Ways to Heal the Divide this Thanksgiving

Organizer: Common Ground Committee

Get ready to lead happier, healthier conversations with family and friends through this webinar that offers tools for finding common ground on tough political issues. From listening first to seeking outcomes that address shared concerns, these practical strategies teach you how to become a "Common Grounder" and set the tone for more productive discourse and behaviors.

Location: Webinar

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