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‘Joy To The Polls’ Entertaining Early Voters In Philadelphia

Closing arguments: Join the joyful resistance

Voting in 2020 was never going to be easy. Even before Covid-19 hit, President Trump was seeding fears about this election's integrity, and right-wing operatives were laying plans to suppress Black and Latino votes.

Yet here we are. Nearly 100 million voters have already cast ballots even before Election Day. That's nearly three quarters of all ballots cast in 2016.

This remarkable reality comes amid another resurgence of coronavirus cases. There's record turnout even though Republican lawmakers and elected officials have pulled out all the stops to suppress and silence voters. And it's in the face of violent repression, like that faced by voters in Graham, N.C., over the weekend, when police pepper sprayed a crowd of marchers, including children, on their way to the polls.

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News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Nevada's Question 4 could be the beginning of a new voting rights era

In an election year when voting rights have been under tremendous attack, Nevada voters have the chance to make their state the national leader in voting rights.

Question 4, which has mostly flown under the national radar, would enshrine Nevada's Voters Bill of Rights into the state Constitution. If voters pass the measure, this bill of rights will become the most affirmative, comprehensive set of voter protections in any state.

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Let’s help millions escape from voter registration limbo

Voter registration deadlines are here. What if that didn't matter?

It's two weeks from Election Day, and millions of potential voters are once again locked out of the democratic process. That's thanks to registration deadlines that have come and gone in many states, and the fact that fewer than half of states allow same-day voter registration.

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