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Construction for the 2021 inauguration has already begun at the U.S. Capitol. The election must take place as scheduled, writes Reed Galen.

No matter pandemic or presidential wish, we must vote in November

Galen is an independent political consultant and advisor to The Lincoln Project, an organization of conservatives working for President Trump's defeat. He has been active in the electoral reform movement since 2016.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every part of our lives. We've seen shelter-in-place orders, schools dismissed, and restaurants and shops shuttered. Every day we see new examples of Americans doing their part in the face of a crisis no one could have predicted and too many of our institutions did too little to prepare for.

Our elections are a prime example. In just the past few weeks we've seen primary and special elections postponed in the interest of social distancing and public health. Maryland, Kentucky, Georgia and Louisiana have pushed voting until later in the spring or summer. While this may provide a small hiccup for the Democratic presidential campaign, these decisions were prudent.

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News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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"The numerous groups, individuals and parties currently working to reform, replace or break the American political system must come together strategically," argues Reed Galen.

A reformer game plan for 2020: Consolidate, aspire and donate

Galen is an independent political strategist who left the Republican Party in 2016. He has worked for President George W. Bush, Sen. John McCain, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Serve America Movement.

The chaos, clutter and confusion of the 2020 campaign is already in full swing. With President Trump embroiled in yet another scandal of his own making and Democratic presidential candidates finding new and interesting ways to turn off independent and moderates, now is the time for the reform movement to make its move. But it must be fearless, it must be well-financed and it must be now.

Those of us in the fight to repair American politics must step away from the "first do no harm" ethos. The system has rotted from within and its effects are now felt without. We must be willing to stand up tall and tell those who would deter us that we are not afraid of them and that indeed we work everyday to topple their duopoly. Incrementalism is a must in policy. It is a death-knell in politics.

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