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Michigan has been the biggest redistricting battleground this decade.

Michigan GOP fails again to stop new redistricting panel

Another Republican attempt to block Michigan's independent redistricting commission was dismissed Monday by a federal judge.

The state Republican Party's lawsuit argued that restrictions on who may serve on the new panel violated the free speech and free association rights of potential GOP commissioners — the same argument a federal appeals court rebuffed just three months ago.

Battleground Michigan has been at the heart of the gerrymandering debate since the start of the decade, when Republicans took control of Lansing and drew some of the most assertively partisan legislative and congressional maps in the country. In response, 61 percent in a grassroots-driven 2018 referendum decided to turn the next decade's line-setting over to a panel outside the control of politicians.

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News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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The suit echoes the president's unfounded claims that mail-in voting makes life easy for 'fraudsters.'

Trump campaign sues Pennsylvania over easier absentee voting

President Trump is taking his crusade against voting by mail to a new level: His campaign has gone to court for the first time to combat liberalized absentee ballot rules — in Pennsylvania, a state central to his prospects for re-election.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court in Pittsburgh, seeks to make the sixth most populous state abandon for November several of the ways it collected and counted mail-in ballots in the primary, alleging the procedures were both unconstitutional and against state law.

Although the Republican Party sued last month in an unsuccessful effort to limit the delivery of mail ballots to everyone in California, and is vowing to spend $20 million or more defending restrictive voting laws that Democrats are challenging in 18 states, Pennsylvania is the first place where the president's campaign has gone on litigious offense.

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The 10 states where patriotism is the most (and least) measurable

New Hampshire is the most patriotic place in the country, based on its residents' strong measure of civic engagement and decently high rate of military service. And New Jersey, just four hours by car to the south, is the least flag-waving state.

These results come from the latest rankings of the states from the personal financial services website Wallet Hub, which churns out a steady diet of reports assessing the "best" and "worst" states on all sorts of social, economic and behavioral scales.

The new report was released Monday in plenty of time to be digested before July Fourth, but also in light of the unusual combination of stresses likely limiting patriotic fervor this summer. The coronavirus pandemic, and the nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism, are magnifying an incredibly divisive political landscape already getting heightened in an election year.

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