Dec. 16, 2020
5:30 PM (Eastern)

How to Unite the Un-United States of America

Organizer: Reform Elections Now

In the 2020 election, Democrats lost, Republicans lost, but most of all the country lost — and the losses could haunt us. Right now, trust in this election and in the election process is at historic lows, trust in government is at historic lows, a majority of Americans have lost trust in each other, and a majority of Americans do not trust the media.

If we don't trust our government, our media, or each other and if we can't agree on basic facts, how are we going to span the divide between our two parties? While the gulf between both sides appears to be wide, we believe there are ways to rebuild trust in government, trust in media, and trust in each other if we start to work now.

Please join Reform Elections Now for a discussion of how our country became divided and How to Unite the Un-United States of America.

Location: Webinar

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