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Report cites a dozen narrow issues where partisan gridlock could be broken

After an especially contentious election and with the coronavirus pandemic raging, American politics may feel as polarized as ever. A new study makes the case that there's still plenty of hope for bridging the partisan chasm on a dozen top-tier domestic issues.

Making government more transparent and trimming big money's sway over elections are the two good-government reforms on the list.

The 48-page report, released Thursday by three left-leaning advocacy groups focused on environmental policy, aggregates an array of research and polling by others before unveiling "a transpartisan agenda to rebuild trust and tackle America's biggest challenges."

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2020 Rising Star Awards

Organizer: Millennial Action Project

This award recognizes bipartisan legislators from our State Future Caucus Network who have embodied MAP's mission to transcend political tribalism. This year's nominees went above and beyond to build relationships with their colleagues across the aisle, as they had to do it virtually and in a polarized environment. For that, we applaud them. Even if you don't tune in for the whole thing, the livestream will be a chance for you to unite with legislators and thought leaders under a shared vision: a diverse democracy where the political culture is grounded in empathy and leaders pursue innovative policy solutions.

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Overlooked reason for Capitol atrophy: Lack of a modern and more substantial diet

Kosar is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, and co-editor of the recently published "Congress Overwhelmed: Congressional Capacity and Prospects for Reform" (University of Chicago Press).
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How to Unite the Un-United States of America

Organizer: Reform Elections Now

In the 2020 election, Democrats lost, Republicans lost, but most of all the country lost — and the losses could haunt us. Right now, trust in this election and in the election process is at historic lows, trust in government is at historic lows, a majority of Americans have lost trust in each other, and a majority of Americans do not trust the media.

If we don't trust our government, our media, or each other and if we can't agree on basic facts, how are we going to span the divide between our two parties? While the gulf between both sides appears to be wide, we believe there are ways to rebuild trust in government, trust in media, and trust in each other if we start to work now.

Please join Reform Elections Now for a discussion of how our country became divided and How to Unite the Un-United States of America.

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