Oct. 28, 2020
5:30 PM (Eastern)

What to Look for on Election Night

Organizer: Reform Elections Now

On 9:45 on election night, before polls close on the West Coast or swing states Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have reported, Americans will know either: Joe Biden has won a decisive victory, or the election will take months to be resolved. You don't have to plan to stay up all night worrying about the presidency or perhaps even the Senate. The election canaries will tell you relatively early if Biden has won decisively or if the fight over the election will last for months, possibly ending up in the Supreme Court or Congress. The canaries will also tell you the winner of both the popular and the electoral votes, before many states have even started counting.

In our presentation, we will detail what the canaries are telling us and consider the risks to our democracy from each of the possible outcomes.

Location: Webinar

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