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Governance & Legislation
Jan. 5, 2021
12:00 PM (Eastern)

Congress Overwhelmed: The Decline in Congressional Capacity and Prospects for Reform

Organizer:R Street Institute

"Congress Overwhelmed," an important new book edited by Timothy M. Lapira, Lee Drutman and Kevin R. Kosar, presents the provocative thesis that a decline in congressional capacity is responsible for much of our contemporary political dysfunction. The book's essays explore topics such as the role of congressional pay in developing expertise and why the efficacy of the legislature has lagged behind other branches of government. Perhaps most importantly, Congress Overwhelmed highlights the many ways in which our political outcomes could be improved by fundamental structural reforms.

Please join Bettina Poirier, adjunct professor of law at American University, as she sits down with Lapira, Drutman and Kosar to discuss their ideas for fixing the problems that currently ail Congress.

Location: Webinar