June 5, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Eastern)

(Re)building better democratic systems and institutions after the pandemic: A Conversation with Apolitical

Organizer: Leadership Now Project

Across the political, civil service, and civic spheres, the coronavirus pandemic has shown the acute weaknesses in the operating systems of democracy. But COVID-19 is also forcing an overdue reckoning with these weaknesses and, in some cases, it is catalyzing new ways of thinking and rapid problem solving that can form the basis of better democracies after COVID-19.

Apolitical, a peer-to-peer learning platform for government, has a unique view of the challenges faced by public servants globally and of the most promising solutions. Apolitical is used by more than 70,000 verified public servants in 170 countries, with its members including numerous mayors, ministers, and heads of civil services.

Since the outbreak of the virus, Apolitical has surveyed and polled thousands of its members and continues to do so weekly. In this conversation, Apolitical's two co-founders, Lisa Witter and Robyn Scott, will share the most interesting trends and insights they're seeing globally. They will also briefly discuss their experience founding and growing Apolitical - from an idea in 2015 that few cared about or thought would work, to today being unable to keep up with the demand - in the context of what this means for innovative tech companies focused on improving democracy.

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