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The Leadership Now Project was incubated by a group of Harvard Business School alumni as an innovative model for sustained and strategic engagement to fix democracy. Its membership organization of business professionals are concerned about the future of our democracy. It enables its members to strategically engage & invest in politics through a focus on the threats to the fundamentals of democracy: Issues including low voter turnout, gerrymandering, campaign finance rules, and a lack of highly qualified candidates are problems that require immediate attention as well as a long-term focus.
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Voting, Power, and Equity: Racial Justice on the 2020 Ballot

Organizer: Leadership Now Project

With momentum from the Black Lives Matter movement and the upcoming U.S. elections in November, racial justice is, now more than ever in our modern history, an issue on the ballot. As the election nears, voters of color and other marginalized groups are at risk of being disenfranchised by suppression tactics such as a neglect of the United States Postal Service at a time when mail in ballots are critical amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, or voter identification requirements at the polls. At the same time, efforts related to racial justice are on the ballot, such as restoring affirmative action in California's higher education system, or abolishing private prisons and the cash bail system.

Philanthropic funders and business leaders have a critical role to play in supporting the work of racial justice organizers who have been leading the movement for years. To realize commitments made to the Black Lives Matter movement, it will be critical for funders and businesses to show their support for voting rights and broader democracy strengthening. This effort is needed to support the ongoing work of organizers who are leading the way through both conventional grassroots activism and innovative digital strategies.

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Leadership Now and its partners are recruiting poll workers through corporate and university networks to address the shortage caused by Covid-19.

Why a team of business schoolers has formed an election integrity startup

Petrow-Cohen and Deal are on the staff of the Leadership Now Project, a membership group of mostly business leaders that invests in nonprofits and candidates that "advance a modern, effective democracy."

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2020 Election Challenges with Vote at Home and the Leadership Now Election Support Corps

Organizer: Leadership Now Project

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented operational challenges for the November 2020 election. In response to the challenges facing this election cycle, Leadership Now has partnered with our portfolio organization Vote at Home to form the Election Support Corps. Join us for a virtual briefing with Amber McReynolds, CEO of Vote at Home and Laxmi Wordham, Leadership Now founding member and leader of the Election Support Corps.

Since its formation just 4 months ago, the Election Support Corps has built tools to provide direct operational support to election officials, tracked misinformation campaigns that undermine the integrity of our elections, and worked to fill the gap in poll workers and other election resources. Join the briefing to learn about these efforts and more, as well as ways to get involved with the Corps to help ensure the safety and security of our elections.

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Foreign Interference: Rep. Elissa Slotkin and CAP VP Kelly Magsamen on the 2020 National Security Agenda

Organizer: Leadership Now Project

As we approach this year's election, our country faces serious questions about both America's role in the world and the very integrity of our democratic processes. How is America handling the threat of foreign interference in the 2020 election? What role might the military or the international community play in the event of an election crisis? And what's the potential for a foreign policy course correction under a new administration? Join us for a conversation with former CIA and Pentagon official turned Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (Mich.) and former Pentagon and White House official and VP of National Security at CAP Kelly Magsamen to examine all things at the intersection of national security and American democracy in 2020.

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