Sept. 29, 2020
2:00 PM (Eastern)

Nonprofits, Nonpartisanship & Misinformation: What Nonprofits Can (and Should) Say about the Election

Organizer: Nonprofit VOTE

Rapid changes to election procedures, including the expansion of voting by mail, changes to voter ID laws, and consolidated or moved polling places, risk discouraging or disenfranchising voters who are unsure of how to navigate a new voting process. Misinformation and disinformation regarding changes and election integrity can exacerbate mistrust in the system. As trusted messengers, nonprofits are well positioned to challenge misinformation about voting and elections, even when candidates are the source of that inaccurate information.

Join us for our one-hour webinar in which we discuss what it means to stay nonpartisan, and address how your organization can work to steer clear of misinformation. Guest speaker David Levitt, Principal at Adler & Colvin, speaks regularly on nonprofit and tax exemption legal matters and will be present to share his expertise and answer your questions.

Location: Webinar

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