June 9, 2020
12:00 - 1:00 PM (Eastern)

Preparing for potential election crises

Organizer: The Fulcrum

A pandemic. Battles over millions of mailed-in ballots. The Supreme Court deciding an Electoral College dispute. The accelerated undoing of democratic norms. Dozens of legal battles over election administration and voting rights. Each would be enough to create unprecedented challenges to an election. But all are present this year, positioning Election Day 2020 and the days after to face challenges rarely as intense before. As Nov. 3 approaches, voters, government officials, candidates and the media may become overwhelmed by the many storylines, the shifting landscape and the potential outcomes. Preparation needs to start now. The Fulcrum will convene a pair of experts to discuss these issues and anticipate how they will play out. Among the issues we will address:

• Joe Biden has said Donald Trump may attempt to cancel or postpone the election. What is the president's authority to do so?
• What are the odds we don't have a clear winner on election night?
• What sorts of litigation can we expect before — and after — Election Day?
• If "faithless electors" ignore the popular vote of their state, what would be a potential result?
• What if the candidate who receives fewer electoral college votes refuses to concede?

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