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A supporter, often a generous donor, who solicits campaign contributions from others and then delivers them to a candidate.

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Few presidential candidates take the bundler disclosure pledge

Just four of the Democratic presidential candidates so far have either voluntarily disclosed or said they plan to disclose their top individual fundraisers, or "bundlers."

Sixteen political advocacy groups sent a letter two weeks ago to all the major-party candidates for 2020 asking them to disclose their bundlers — the affluent, well-connected people who gather donations from others and deliver those funds in a "bundle" to a campaign. (Campaigns are only required to disclose bundlers who are registered lobbyists and collect at least $18,700.)

The Center for Public Integrity contacted the candidates to ask whether (and how) they planned to disclose the identities of their top fundraisers. These four Democrats said they plan to disclose the information:

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