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Georgia Tech's women's basketball team encouraged voters on Nov. 3.

Restore 200,000 Georgians to the rolls before Senate election, lawsuit demands

Nearly 200,000 valid voters should be returned to the rolls in time for Georgia's twin elections that will decide partisan control of the Senate in five weeks, a new lawsuit argues.

The suit, filed Wednesday by three voting rights groups in federal court in Atlanta, alleges the Georgia secretary of state's office improperly removed 198,351 voters from the state's registration database last year — an error rate of 63 percent.

The Black Voters Matter Fund, the Transformative Justice Coalition and the Rainbow Push Coalition maintain that voters who hadn't moved were taken off the rolls because the state did not use the correct list to verify addresses. The suit also challenges the state's "use it or lose it" law, which requires people to vote in at least one federal election every four years or interact with a state election office in order to remain registered.

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News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Think you’re an election security whiz? Test yourself.

Thanks to the pandemic, safety has topped security as the biggest voter concern about the 2020 election. But government and independent experts warn that foreign election interference remains a significant threat. How up to speed are you on what a secure election looks like? Take our quiz to find out.

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A volunteer registers a voter during a curbside registration drive in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend.

New coalition on the left to fight suppression and misinformation

Sixteen liberal political and organizing groups are joining forces with Let America Vote — a democracy reform organization that fights big money and voter suppression — to create a coalition dedicated to getting all Americans access to the information they need to vote this November.

While many of these groups typically focus on other issues — like gun violence prevention, abortion rights and veterans' benefits — they are joining forces for the next two months as a part of the Save the Vote campaign in hopes of making voting safer and easier.

The coalition will share messaging and grassroots organizing efforts to battle misinformation and keep voters abreast of the work being done to guarantee the election is safe, secure and fair. The presumed hope is that will benefit like-minded voters, whose ballots will break solidly for Joe Biden and other Democrats.

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