April 22, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (Eastern)

How to make voting easier and healthier this fall

Organizer: The Fulcrum

Please join The Fulcrum for our next live webinar, exploring what can get done in time to make this election smoother in the face of the coronavirus. The Covid-19 outbreak has put new stress on electoral democracy. On the left, the push is on to use this moment to transition the whole country toward voting at home. On the right are worries about fraud and states' rights. But there's bipartisan interest in getting $2 billion in federal subsidies for states to spend as they choose to make the election run better — by training new poll workers, disinfecting voting sites and easing absentee rules, registration requirements and early in-person voting.

But what can get done in six months — without that money, or with only some of it? Could it all get spent in time, and what would help the most? The Fulcrum will talk with experts to help chart a path forward by looking at successful models and talking through the resources necessary for a healthy and complete presidential election.

Location: Webinar

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