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The State of Reform
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National Business Network Call

Organizer: American Promise

Hear Jeff Clements, co-founder and president, speak about American Promise's 2020 strategy and the importance of our National Business Network. Learn about how the powerful business voice is uniquely positioned to help win the American Promise Amendment.

Meet National Business Network Supporters and Members on this kick-off call. Dive into the economic argument, weigh in on actions, and make a difference for the greater good as we begin our journey as a National Business Network together to level the playing field in America's marketplace.

Location: Webinar

Tristiaña Hinton/The Fulcrum

How to rename D.C.'s football team and help fix democracy, too

Golden is a communications consultant, the author of "Unlock Congress" (Why Not Books) and a senior fellow at the Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy. He is a member of The Fulcrum's editorial advisory board.
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Toward Equality: Getting Money Out of Elections and Policy Decisions

Organizer: American Promise

Join us in a conversation with Ohio candidates who have pledged to create a more inclusive, effective democracy through crucial reforms, including the American Promise Constitutional Amendment.

Jeff Clements, President of American Promise
Kate Schroder, Candidate for House of Representatives, OH-1
Alaina Shearer, Candidate for House of Representatives, OH-12
Crystal Lett, Candidate for the Ohio Senate, District 16
Joel O'Dorisio, Candidate for Ohio Senate, District 2

Location: Webinar

National upheaval is the time for doubling down on the campaign finance cure

Palmer is a public interest attorney who ran Fair Elections for New York, a campaign that won passage of the state's new public campaign financing program in April.
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