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Media Literacy Challenge Submission Deadline

Organizers: The Flip Side and Civic Spirit

In today's media environment, most of us are exposed primarily to articles, messages, and posts that reinforce our existing way of thinking. Yet, there is tremendous power in understanding the logic of "the other side" for the purposes of problem-solving. The Media Literacy Challenge invites students ages 13 to 19 nationwide to learn to navigate today's complex media landscape. The winning submission will be read by thousands of newsletter The Flip Side subscribers and winners will attend a private lunch (in person or virtual) with The Flip Side founder Annafi Wahed and Spencer Bokat-Lindell, host of The New York Times' "Debatable" newsletter.

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Photo courtesy The People

The People's Virginia leaders, Cindi Copeland (left) and Kim Collins (right), join Katie Fahey at the First National Assembly of The People.

The Fahey Q&A with Cindi Copeland, who's searching for political humanity in Virginia

Having organized last year's grassroots movement ending Michigan's politicized gerrymandering, Fahey is now executive director of The People, which is forming statewide networks to promote government accountability. She interviews a colleague in the world of democracy reform each month for our Opinion section.

Cindi Z.S. Copeland has gone from someone who never voted to someone who spends her free time meeting in libraries, coffee shops and at dinner tables to unite Virginians of all political stripes around improving civic life.

Her life is inspiring and resonates with me on many levels. Neither of us share the same beliefs as some family members, both of us have lost relationships because of such differences and each have stayed involved in politics because we think all people have the right to make their voices heard. We find inspiration from connecting with people from different backgrounds, because you never know if your next conversation is going to transform your life.

Our recent phone conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity.

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