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The State of Reform
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Hybrid PAC

A fundraising committee that has two distinct and segregated operations. One account collects contributions and spends money on independent expenditures like a super PAC. The other raises money and donates to candidates like a traditional political action committee. Also known as "Carey committees," after the court case that set the ground rules for such amalgams.

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Chinese firm, fined for giving to a GOP super PAC, also aided  Democrats

While a Chinese-owned company's $1.3 million in contributions to a pro-Jeb Bush presidential super PAC resulted in a record Federal Election Commission fine for illegal foreign interference, it was not the only money the business put into the 2016 election. American Pacific International Capital also gave smaller amounts to several state-level candidates and federal political committees supporting Democrats.

It gave $7,500, for example, to a liberal hybrid super PAC that sought to mobilize Asian American voters in support of Hillary Clinton, the Center for Responsive Politics reported.

PAC trio sets new standard in early spending on a re-election

An unprecedented burst of spending by outside groups is heralding the start of President Trump's re-election campaign. "Independent expenditures for multiple hybrid-PACs advocating for Trump's candidacy totaled over $1.27 million since the start of this year," the Center for Responsive Politics reports, while at a similar point in President Obama's re-election campaign such spending totaled a few hundred thousand dollars.

And the three outside spending groups dominating this effort are all linked to Dan Backer, a prominent attorney advocating for a loosening of campaign finance rules: the Committee to Defend the President, the Great America PAC and America Fighting Back PAC.

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