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The 435-member House of Representatives.

Adding seats to the House would make the system work better

Terrell is executive director and Goral is a communications fellow at RepresentWomen, a nonpartisan group advocating for policies that would result in more women holding office.

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Racial and political inequity focus of new report on democracy's woes

With American democracy in decline, a new report urges that reforms addressing racial and political inequities are sorely needed.

For the first time in nearly 15 years, Freedom House released on Tuesday an in-depth report analyzing America's flawed democracy and what fixes are needed. This analysis comes on the heels of the nonpartisan research organization's annual report, in which it found the United States was part of a worldwide decline in freedom.

This downward trend in American democracy, according to Freedom House, accelerated during Donald Trump's presidency and ultimately amounted to an acute crisis when insurrectionists stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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Racial bias can mean we give people the benefit of the doubt based on the color of their skin, writes Ruiz, comparing security planning on Jan. 6 to last summer's BLM protests.

Another Capitol riot lesson: Unconscious biases can have deadly consequences

Ruiz is CEO of BiasSync, a business that provides online assessments and training to help organizations reduce unconscious bias in the workplace.

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