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Complaints about socialism are really focused on the social safety net, which is part of a capitalist society, writes Malbrough.

Let's be clear about when we mean when we talk about socialism

Malbrough is the founder of the Georgia Youth Poll Worker Project, which recruits college students to staff elections.
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Podcast: Democracy Works

The battle between facts and lies, truth and untruth, is one of the most pressing issues democracies face.

Peter Pomerantsev, author and a senior fellow at the London School of Economics and the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University, joins The McCourtney Institute for Democracy's podcast, "Democracy Works," to discuss the scope of the problem and how to move forward.

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Chair of new Colo. mapmaking panel ousted for stop-the-steal views

Colorado's inaugural congressional redistricting commission, which operates outside of the purview of politicians, has already faced its first partisan test.

Chairman Danny Moore was removed from his leadership position Monday after his fellow commissioners learned he had shared conspiracy theories about the 2020 election on social media. The 11 other commissioners voted unanimously to remove him from the chairmanship, but he will be allowed to continue serving on the commission.

While politicians still have mapmaking power in most of the country, Colorado is one of a handful of states that adopted a redistricting commission over the last decade. For the first time, these states will employ an independent panel to redraw congressional and state legislative maps in a more fair and transparent manner.

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