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The State of Reform
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Testifying to Congress, Director Christopher said social media platforms are working with the FBI to combat disinformation.

FBI director says Russian election meddling is now misinformation, not hacking

Russia has switched tactics for undermining American democracy this year, focusing on the spread of misinformation instead of computer hacking to influence the presidential contest, FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress on Thursday.

Moscow is using social media, online media outlets and other tools to spread misinformation and sow "divisiveness and discord" in the electorate in a bid to undermine confidence in the election, he said. And operatives have started using against Joe Biden many of the same techniques they deployed to spread falsities about Hillary Clinton four years ago.

The "malign foreign influence" campaign is designed not only "to denigrate" the Democratic nominee but also "what the Russians see as an anti-Russia establishment," Wray testified in one of the most explicit public descriptions yet of the Russian effort — one that almost totally contradicts the president's own descriptions about the foreign threat to the election.

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More than half the IT professionals surveyed said they had become less confident in election security since the pandemic.

The IT pros are concerned about election security this fall

The nation's professional computer geeks are very worried about the security of the election.

A survey of more than 3,000 IT professionals by their trade association, released Tuesday, found a broad array of anxiety about what state and local officials have done to prepare for the presidential vote (and left undone) — especially since the coronavirus pandemic has upended their priorities in the last six months.

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A volunteer registers a voter during a curbside registration drive in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend.

New coalition on the left to fight suppression and misinformation

Sixteen liberal political and organizing groups are joining forces with Let America Vote — a democracy reform organization that fights big money and voter suppression — to create a coalition dedicated to getting all Americans access to the information they need to vote this November.

While many of these groups typically focus on other issues — like gun violence prevention, abortion rights and veterans' benefits — they are joining forces for the next two months as a part of the Save the Vote campaign in hopes of making voting safer and easier.

The coalition will share messaging and grassroots organizing efforts to battle misinformation and keep voters abreast of the work being done to guarantee the election is safe, secure and fair. The presumed hope is that will benefit like-minded voters, whose ballots will break solidly for Joe Biden and other Democrats.

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Big Ideas: Cybersecurity Conversation with Sen. Angus King and Rep. Mike Gallagher

Organizer: Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget/FixUS

The United States faces an unprecedented challenge when it comes to cyber preparedness. From attacks on critical infrastructure to state and non-state actors seeking to undermine our democracy, confronting these cyber threats will require a comprehensive and coordinated strategy. Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), co-chairs of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, will be discussing the state of our cyber-readiness, the digital threats looming on the horizon, and the Commission's recommendations for how we can meet these challenges.

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