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Protecting the Integrity of U.S. Elections: A Conversation with Rep. Rodney Davis

Organizer: Lincoln Network

Lincoln Network invites you to join us for a 30-minute virtual discussion with U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis of Illinois. From his position as the ranking member of the House Committee on Administration, which has jurisdiction over U.S. elections, Rep. Davis has been a leader on efforts to promote election integrity and oversee our election system.

Now policymakers are facing new challenges as states and local governments prepare to administer elections during the pandemic, including by expanding absentee balloting. Rep. Davis will discuss the findings of his oversight and recommendations for protecting the integrity of U.S. elections.

We will reserve the final 10 minutes of this discussion for a Q&A with Rep. Davis. This event will be moderated by Dan Lips, Lincoln Network's director of cyber and national security.

Location: Webinar

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Illinois Gov. BJ Pritzker signed into law on Tuesday legislation that will make it easier for citizens to vote by mail. A settlement of a lawsuit in Minnesota on Tuesday will have a similar impact.

Voting by mail gets boost in Illinois and Minnesota

New laws in Illinois and the settling of a lawsuit in Minnesota will ease voters' ability to use mail-in ballots.

On Tuesday, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed two bills that collectively require vote-by-mail applications be sent to all recent voters, expand early voting hours and allow for curbside voting, amend the process used to verify signatures on mailed-in ballots, and designate Election Day a state holiday.

"In the face of a pandemic, massive economic upheaval, and renewed calls for racial justice, it's more important than ever that Illinoisans can hold accountable a truly representative and transparent government," Pritzker said.

The changes to voting procedures only apply to the Nov. 3 general election.

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A new report by the Brennan Center for Justice offers a "how to" for officials conducting an election in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Election officials need to be prepared for the worst, report says

Election officials have begun raising the alarm about the additional costs and pitfalls associated with a huge increase in the numbers of people voting by mail this fall.

Now the Brennan Center for Justice is offering guidelines for how to deal with the cybersecurity and technical challenges of putting on an election that is mainly by mail in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new report deals with every aspect of the election, from advance preparations all the way through reporting the results to the public.

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Meet the reformer: Christina Harvey, progressive pushing to spend on healthier and easier voting

The progressive Stand Up America, created after the 2016 election, became particularly visible last year pressing Congress to spend more on election security — and is reprising that role now in pushing for more federal funding to boost voting options in light of the pandemic. Christina Harvey became managing director, or No. 2 staffer, last year after her employer of 15 years, Eric Schneiderman, resigned as New York attorney general when four women accused him of physical abuse. She had joined his state Senate staff in 2003 after her first job, as a union organizer. Her answers have been edited for clarity and length.

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Working to strengthen our democracy by empowering our members to advocate for policies that increase voter participation and unrig a corrupt system that stands in the way of progressive change.

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