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Jason Fierman

"Whether it is school, judicial or legislative boundaries, the lines change your life, and it is one of the reasons I fight for fair maps."

Meet the reformer: Jason Fierman, creating connections and drawing lines

While working toward his master's degree at George Mason University, Jason Fierman researched the lack of synergy among advocates against gerrymandering, the centuries-old practice of the people in power drawing tortuous political boundaries in order to keep them in power. That capstone project evolved into The Redistrict Network, a collection of political operatives, mathematicians, students and other experts who are dedicated to remaking the nation's electoral maps so their districts are compact, keep communities together, promote partisan competition and reflect the relative strengths of different ethnic groups. Fierman has been the network's managing director since founding it in 2018. His answers have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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When we share stories, strategies and resources across fields and disciplines we create a momentum that advances redistricting reform across the country. Let's end #gerrymandering together!

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The Redistrict Network

The Redistrict Network is committed to the edification and advancement of Redistricting and Redistricting professionals. We welcome anyone interested in the art of districting, reapportionment, and public boundary revision. Our areas of focus include but are not limited to administrative, medical, political, school and electoral boundary lines. Our organization works toward making the process more efficient and effective while also addressing many of the moral and ethical concerns associated with practice. Finally, we highlight many of the actions you can take to implement best practices and influence redistricting!

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